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Ulster Auto Exchange at 215 Oneil Street in Kingston, New York

Ulster Auto Exchange in 215 Oneil Street, New York: consumer reviews, opening hours, driving directions, photos etc.

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215 Oneil Street,
Kingston, New York
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Phone: +1 845-332-9481

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Reviews about Ulster Auto Exchange

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    I bought a truck here in September of last year and it's already a peice of scrap metal. It had issues from the day my boyfriend and I drove it off the lot. I was stuck in a parking just the next day because it simply wouldn't start when turned the key. Maybe 20% of the time it wouldn't start on the first try, just had to wait it out and eventually it would work but it made me late to work multiple times. A random beep would chime while driving sometimes and not stop unless you hit the left blinker, never heard anything like that before. The ball joints were worn down dangerously low, the leafspring on both sides in bad shape, worn brake pads, a significant coolant leak, bad exhaust, plus no working radio, heat or AC. What frustrates me more than anything is back in March of this year, I brought it in to the shop for just a quick oil change. They charged me $35, I paid them cash and they gave me no receipt. Well what do you know, a few weeks later my truck is running like garbage so my boyfriend and I bring it to another mechanic that offered free diagnostic.(because we were suspicious) this mechanic puts it on the lift, sees all these issues I mentioned earlier and when he checks the oil, thick black sludge comes pouring out. THEY NEVER EVEN CHANGED MY OIL!!!!!! Just let me run it into the ground expecting I'd come back to them for some shotty repair by them so they could get more money out of us. We had everything repaired that we could afford by a different mechanic but we also have a monthly payment on this truck of 206.95 until 2019, it's put a huge strain on us financially. At this point we are paying wayyyyy more than the value of the vehicle being a 2003 and bought with 104,000miles. To top it all off, 3 days ago while idling in traffic it started making horrific squealing sounds. When we started moving it immediately started smoking and the temp light came on the dash even though it wasn't reading as overheating on the gauge. My boyfriend and I are so fed up, we ditched it in a parking lot and are just going to let it get re-poed and buy something else. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE! THIEVES!!!
    by Tesia Layman
    November 12, 2017
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Ulster Auto Exchange is located at 215 Oneil Street, Kingston, New York.